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Fuel Your Brand

Your Brand is your identity which relates directly to your end user. Fire communication will ensure that your product & marketing themes sync with togather.

Nasir Habib

Being the CEO of Fire Communications, my job is to personally see the pain areas in every organisation. I myself identify with the image of my clients.


I have been working with loads of international and local clients;  we are here to integrate all resources within our organisation or in the market to deliver you best results

Talha Rasheed

As a coordinator, my task is to deliver the stick and the carrot to our team. I make sure your project delivers in time with no regrets.


(Partner’s brand Re-Launch)

Fire communications would like to share its one of the many stories in which clients have reached their new level of consumeer interaction by have marketing cycles which were custom made for them. These  marketing cycles were made taking care of diaspora, product penetration & social inclinations.

Here we would like to share results from a marketing cycle conducted in 2019 for a private company which wanted their real estate project to be sold quickly. Our campaign didnt just give them time and space on media, but there were more query calls from both Pakistan as well as oversseas.

Increase in user interaction 0

Increase in sales (after 3 months marketing cycle) 0









Channel partnerships

Fire communciation will arrange channel partnerships at all levels

Expos & Seminars

We have arranged dozens of international standard seminars & events worth millions.

Crowd Outreach

This is the core feature of our business to develop strategy for maximum outreach.

Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing…where and when it is required; We are here to identify the niche!