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Fire Real Estate Projects

We keep an eye on all the projects running in Pakistan

Dedicated Real Estate Website

We have a dedicated website for real estate sale & purchase. This website is backed by database of agents, users and projects which easily help us in ascertaining the scope of any new project that we come across.

Dedicate Website

Please visit the website to find out the database of existing properties. Users can benchmark between two properties to have a market idea.

Sales Agents

As per the requirement of the project, we inculcate the sales agents which work as per the demand & progress of the real estate project.

Agents Subletting

We have hundreds of real estate agents on boards with us which can be tasked to distribute the sales load against profit sharing for each deal.

Android & IOS backed

Our Android & IOS apps are available on apply & play stores. These apps are connected with our data base systems. Users as well as agents have the option to login either from the website accessible form laptops or web browser over smart phones or simply place login credentials to our app. If you have a dedicated project and you want a community app, fire marketing will also make one for you.

Please press the following button for a redirection to our website and application download options.

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We have dedicated GIS professionals who will make map for your projects. You will be able to share the maps with your users so that  they can have the exact knowledge of their assets. These maps can be customized for amenities like plots, electricity layers, mosques & parks etc

Our Design

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Our Support

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Our Office

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Financially Optimized

Find the best rates for TV advertisement, billboards & social media handling. We give you the best rates and all inclusive campaign option for your project.

Video Ready

All time of video content can be made. From short videos to documentaries & feature films; we are ready to kick start your marketing with amazing visuals

Global Database

Global data base of economic segments in side Pakistan and overseas. Once the project is finalized we will use our established data based to make leads.

Dedicated Website

Fire marketing has dedicated websites for real estate as well as core marketing. Standalone users can access the listed property any time and interact with agents

Social Media Handles

We have social media handles with organic followers which can boost the posts and can deliver the message over thousands of users instantly

Creative Elements

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I take care of all the operations, finances as well as coordination between the clients and the team. I also approve  design demos for clients.


I am in-charge for the creative content writing. I am also an anchor & have interviews hundreds of important people during events & campaigns.


People call me Chief Executive Officer, but my work is to provide mentorship to my brilliant team. I help as a cushion between creativity, production & event management.


if toofanis has to be taken as a strom; it would do just to my social media work. I work for the digital. Social media, streaming; anything hippy online.


I direct production work for Fire communications. I have directed hundreds of hours of content. I also assist in editing of the the final product.


I integrate the client with the fire team. My job is to push the processes withing the timelines. I also assist with channel partners and event management sub-cons


I design. i design 2D & 3D. Video, audio , images and web. I am entitled to our state of the art 3D rendering machines to make quick animations.


Choreography is my passion. I also do content writing. From theater to advertisement i work with actors, models and content writer to furnish a final product.


I am a dedicated content writer. I also make write ups and proposals. I am responsible to understand clients demand & deliver the content accordingly.

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