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Market Survey

Fire marketing give you the best options to perform market survey which relates to the economical scope of project

Intuitive Leads

Our team with dedicated hotline will create leads which will be part of of a broad spectrum selling regimes.

Direct Sales

We will be using our database to make direct deals and sales pitches to potential high end customers

Scalar Maketing

This is what we are best at. From Billboards to TV commercials to social media. The campaign will be on with full velocity.

Fully Geared Team

Weather is it the onboard anchors & writers, 4 K Drones , high end video capturing devices or streaming equipment; Fire communication is fully geared with its staff ready in minutes to capture & create a project campaign. We also have linkages with TV channels to buy rates for on air adds at best rates.


Fire communication already has a marketing as well as real estate website to cater for online users. We also have ou dedicated app for that purpose. This means that we already have a database of segments inside Pakistan. This converged with our access in TV makes the best recepie for the campaigns.ore experimental

Creative Ideas

We have a team of brilliant young media personell who have delivered hundreds of hours of production content. If you are stuckwith your punch lines or overall feel of the project, let us life the show for you.

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Fully Equipped

State of the art studio equipment with high end hardware & Software for fast rendering, designing & Streaming ops


Out of Box Solutions

Have a brilliant but different idea? Think its not doable in your budget? Let us know; we will make a work around for your


Highly Innovative

If you are totally stuck with the creative juice; let us make options for you. Our themes will will be future proof for years to come


Android & IoS

We back up all projects with android and IoS apps. Also all our work are compatible for multiple devices for best user experience.

We Know How to Sell

Real estate market is booming. But as the number of options are increasing so is the risk of getting hooked with wrong people. Fire Marketing ensure that we sell what we commit in shortest of time.

Smooth Parallax Effect

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Highly Customizable

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Attention to Detail

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90 %

1453 hours


90 %

marketing events


74 %

From the target

Units sold

our support

With dedicated  24/7  helpline backed by relevant staff ensure that we are here to support our clients whenever their is a need. As the digitization policy of our company all our staff members have video conferencing IDs and dedicated official numbers; hence they are are obliged to respond to customer summons anytime of day.

Customized Solutions

One size doesn’t fit all. Our team will make tailor made solution for your exact need. Our team will give multiple demonstrations so that you can choose from the final product according to your best satisfaction.

Creative Elements

You will be working directly with our creative team so that you can fully experience our creative elements. Our creative director will help you in understanding the best outcome of your event, campaign or video. You can directly experience the 2D & 3D designing process at our studio

full experience

  • TV, Radio or theater content
  • Social Media & Streaming
  • Billboards
  • Road campaigns
  • Events & Expos
  • Feature Films

Well Equipped

  • Complete set of Video capturing equipment
  • Lighting arrangements
  • Anchors & artist with Urdu & English skills
  • Makeover artists
  • Full studio editing with special effects
  • 360 video capture & Streaming hardware

extremely intuitive

  • Brand Launch
  • Public relations & communications strategy
  • Extensive + powerful theme based events
  • Social Media Handling
  • Booklets & Giveaways
  • Advising on Time & Space Running Rates


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