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Lasbela, Balochistan, Pakistan – 17 March 2020: “My mother always told me that the greatest satisfaction in life is achieved by giving others a reason to smile,” says 15-year-old Khadija Sadiq, Eighth grader at the UNICEF-supported Government Girls Middle School in Moosani, in Balochistan’s Lasbela district. “I take pride in improving the overall environment of my school as it makes students happy and motivated to learn,” she adds.

As president of the Champion’s Club of her school, Khadija leads a team of fellow students who work to improve the school and support students’ rights. The Champion Club includes girls and boys aged 10 – 16 who were elected by their peers to become ‘champions’ for one year, following the club’s guidelines. The ten champions are responsible for 16 small projects in school; they support school maintenance and improvement, participate in school enrollment campaigns and help students in need of financial assistance. Some of the champions focus on specific areas such as sports, health & hygiene, gardening discipline, etc.

``My mother always told me that the greatest satisfaction in life is achieved by giving others a reason to smile,`` - Khadija

Khadija is one nearly 12,000 students participating in champion clubs in Balochistan. Since 2018, UNICEF has supported champion clubs in 874 schools and 288 Accelerated Learning Programme (ALP) centres in the province thanks to thematic funds received from United States Fund for UNICEF and Norwegian National Committee for UNICEF.

The clubs were built as a follow-up to the more basic “Child Clubs” model initiated in 2015. UNICEF is now looking at scaling up the ‘Champion Clubs’ model in 500 more schools across Balochistan.

Khadija is particularly proud of the work done by the club to ensure that no girl or boy is left behind when it comes to education.

“We drew a map of our village and identified the houses in which families with out-of-school children live,” Khadija says. “We visited them one by one and convinced all the parents to enroll their children.” says. Some said that they could not afford to pay for school fees, so the club paid for them. Some said they were unable to buy uniforms, so the club provided them. Our collective efforts have increased the number of children attending school in our village.”

UNICEF works to promote and protect the rights and wellbeing of children and women in Pakistan. Since 1948, we have been bringing basic services, including educationhealthnutritionprotectionwater, sanitation, and hygiene to those who are most in need, addressing inequities in each of these areas. UNICEF also provides humanitarian assistance during emergencies

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  • This is so nice! I love that you could join such a great cause!

    October 5, 2015 at 2:04 pm
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      I love getting to meet people who read my blog, such an amazing feeling.

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  • Beautiful way to end a post.

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