This is with the reference to news published in newspapers dated 4TH August, 2016, regarding a brutal incident of corporal punishment on students by their teacher.

The principal of a private school, who was arrested for beating students in the Drosh Tehsil, was sent to jail on judicial remand. The police arrested the principal of the Learners School, Inamul Kabir, when a video of his thrashing students went viral.

District Education Officer Hanifullah sealed the Learners School where the students were thrashed and asked the authorities to cancel the registration of the institution. The administration registered cases against the accused under the child protection act.

Corporal Punishment has been defined as physical punishment which includes spanking, flagellation, paddling, and various other forms of physical violence.

According to an UN report on cruelty against children, almost 40 million children around the world have to suffer some sort of physical/and or mental abuse every year. Pakistan, unfortunately, is one of the countries where this trend continues.

Corporal punishment at schools is a major factor that contributes to one of the highest dropout rates in the world, which stands at 50 percent during the early years of education. The dropout rate is alarmingly high and it excludes cases that remain unreported, thus raising the figure to a formidable number. Although, Pakistan is a signatory of the United Nation’s Human Rights Convention; which clearly prohibits corporal punishment in schools, the horrific practice still continues.

Many school teachers remain convinced that some degree of corporal punishment is necessary to instruct children effectively. Several teachers have urged to resort to lightly thrashing the children as well as other milder forms of physical punishment in order to ensure obedience amongst the pupils. In most cases, parents tend to favor corporal punishment when it comes to education, especially in Madrasas.

Corporal punishment in schools is a serious issue. Exposure to violence during childhood can lead to depression which, in turn, may lead to suicidal tendencies and/or drug addiction. This connection is most likely due to the fact that the physical abuse, which is often accompanied by insults with the intention of disparaging the child, is not only painful but also humiliating and detrimental for the child’s mental development and self-esteem. It’s time to take an action against it and stop it if we want a healthy youth with a bright future.

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